Our Body of Work

Mary & Alex :: Engagement Edit

This is a little engagement edit video we put together for Mary & Alex whose wedding we shot at the end of July. The weather wasn't super cooperative with us that day given that it was overcast on a June day in LA, but that didn't stop Mary & Alex from having a blast together. These pre-wedding type videos are a bit rare for us so it was really nice to shoot something like this to change it up from our normal wedding videos. They wanted something light-hearted and fun, and I think this video came out to be just that.

Helen & William :: 8 Kinds of Smiles

When you see Helen & William together, you get this feeling that that they've known each other for almost all of their lives. But in reality, they've only been together for a couple of years. It just goes to show how perfect they are for one another. I have to say that without a doubt, Helen and William had one of the best first dances we've seen to date. Choreographed by Helen herself, the dance was both amazing in sheer level of skill while still remaining true to the spirit of the first dance. Often times choreographed first dances run the risk of couples not looking like they're enjoying themselves because they're more focused on getting the moves right. You could see throughout though that Helen and William were having the time of their lives. And that's what the first dance is really about.

Cindy & Larry :: Wedding Highlights

Cindy & Larry are such a great and down to earth couple. We always say that we work with really awesome couples, and they are no different. From the sweet smiles they shared with each other throughout the day to the sweet nothings they shared via their letters in the morning, it's easy to tell just how much in love these two are. Their Lao ceremony (only our 2nd time shooting one of these!) and reception took place at The Villa. One of our favorite things about shooting here is that there's usually a sparkler exit possible due to the venue's outdoor walkway area. This always makes for such a beautiful shot to close out the highlights.

Christina & Alex :: Same Day Edit

Christina and Alex had their wedding at the beautiful Mt. Woodson Castle in Ramona, California just right outside of San Diego proper. It was a scorcher of a day, but that didn't stop their closest family and friends from coming out to celebrate their love. Christina and Alex are such a sweet couple and are absolutely perfect together. They're the kind of couple where you can just see in their expressions how happy they are to be with one another as well as to start this new journey together.

Linda & Peter :: Wedding Highlights

Linda & Peter met each other by chance at a wedding on the other side of the country. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And as Peter's best man says in the video, Peter followed Linda back to California, and their lives have been all the better for it. Sometimes you just need to follow your dream and let life take you where it will. And if you're every bit as lucky as Linda & Peter are, everything will work out just perfectly.

Linda & Peter :: The Extended Cut

Thuy & Jonathan :: Wedding Highlights

Timing really is everything. Thuy and Jonathan originally met in college at UCLA, but it wasn’t until a casual encounter during grad school on the east coast when they started to get to know each other more and begin their relationship. When we shot their wedding, we got to hear from so many different friends from all different phases of their lives how wonderful of people Thuy and Jonathan are, and how wonderful they are for each other. We were only able to spend the day with them, but we couldn’t agree more.

Mia & Andrew :: Wedding Highlights

As part of shooting weddings, it's always really interesting to be part in new cultures or religious traditions that may take place as of part of couples' big days. Mia & Andrew's wedding marked out first one at a temple. Mia (or My as I know her) is a friend I know from high school. While I only recently met Andrew through the wedding, it's easy to see how well they fit together. Together with their super adorable daughter, they make the perfect little family.

Mary & John :: The Extended Cut

Mary & John :: Same Day Edit

When Mary & John approached me with the song they wanted for this same day edit, I hesitated a little at first. The pacing differed quite a bit from the types of tracks we normally use for short films, but I thought it was a great take on the original song and was excited to make it work for their wedding. What resulted was a same day edit that still maintains our 8 Kinds of Smiles style at heart but also matched the fun and at times irregular evolution of the song. We always try to deliver unique pieces for each couple, and I think this video definitely fits that bill.

Christine & Anthony :: Wedding Highlights

I just love how this wedding highlights turned out. Between the speeches, Christine and Anthony's letters to each other, and overall energy and spirit of the day and everyone who was a part of it, everything pieced together just right.

Nancy & Edsel :: Same Day Edit

What was great about this wedding was just seeing how much fun everybody was having, especially Nancy and Edsel. Take a look at them during the grand entrance and first dance, and you can tell that they were just having the time of their lives.

Nancy & Paul :: Wedding Highlights

Nancy & Paul traveled all the way from Seattle to Orange County for their big day in February along with pretty much most of their friends and family. Being with all of them throughout the day, it was clear to see both how adored these two are by their loved ones as well as how much they adore each other. Nancy told me that initially when they first met, she did not like Paul at all. It was only after a random meeting in a restaurant some time after that they really started to hit it off. Really just goes to show that timing is everything. :)

Diana & Andrew :: Wedding Highlights

It was a perfect 70 degree day when Diana & Andrew had their wedding in mid January (thank you Southern California weather). Needless to say, it was the makings for a great day. From the morning tea ceremonies in Riverside and Hacienda Heights to the reception in Newport Beach (more so Costa Mesa) at night, everything was beautiful from start to finish. Diana & Andrew were so easygoing and great to work with, and we’re glad to have been able to shoot their wedding and put together this highlights for them. Congrats, you two!

Diana & Andrew :: The Extended Cut

Grace & Marc :: Wedding Highlights

Our first wedding of 2017 was at the beautiful La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes, CA. There was a bit of rainy weather leading up to the day, but Grace & Marc lucked out with beautiful clear skies as well as a perfect sunset during some of their portraits. Their wedding was an intimate affair filled with wonderful speeches, furry companions, glass breaking, and lots of dancing. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all, and congrats again, Grace & Marc!

Sandy & Peter :: Same Day Edit

Our last wedding of 2016 was an epic 16 hour long day with 3 tea ceremonies, 1 outdoor ceremony, and a nighttime reception with 700 guests. Oh, and we put together a same day edit for it as well. Talk about ending the year with a bang! It was definitely a longer day for us as we worked hard to get the same day edit ready in time for viewing at the scheduled reception showtime, but it’s also days like these that test what we’re capable of 😅. With that said though, Sandy & Peter had such a beautiful wedding, and we’re glad to have been included in the celebration along with other amazing vendors.

Lily & Matthew :: Same Day Edit

Lily & Matthew surround themselves with quite a fun bunch of friends and family. Case in point, this was probably our first same day edit ever where part of the crowd got up and started dancing to the music of the video as it finished playing. Then shortly after that, there was a pretty epic lip sync battle that got the whole room on their feet so they could check it out up close. Oh yeah, the bridal party also did the mannequin challenge. So awesome looking and fun couple: check. Amazing and lively crowd: check. And tons of fun things that happened during this wedding that either people will never remember or will never forget: check check check. Congrats again to Lily & Matthew, and thank you for letting us put together this same day edit of all the awesomeness that happened on your big day.

Tina & Jason :: Wedding Highlights

Tina & Jason had such great luck on their wedding day. The weather had predicted a fair bit of rain for the day, which would have put quite the damper on their outdoor ceremony. Luckily, the rain didn't hit at all until the start of the reception at which point everybody was warmly indoors already. That meant the ceremony went off as planned, and they were able to get some great photos and videos still. This was our second Norcal wedding this year, and it was nice to be up there once again to film Tina and Jason's big day. They were a delight to work with, and their touching vows blended perfectly well with their simultaneously sweet and silly portraits session.

ThyVan & Brent :: Same Day Edit

This was a very special edit for us given ThyVan and Brent’s situation. Without going into the details, they deserved a day truly befitting of their love for one another and a video that captured that. We feel honored that they chose us for that task. Our favorite moment from the day definitely had to be Brent’s reaction to ThyVan when he saw her for the first time in her white dress. Sometimes first looks run the risk of feeling forced or unnatural, but Brent’s reaction was just pure magic and a clear symbol of how much love exists between them. Congrats to two wonderful people, and we wish you all the best.

ThyVan & Brent :: The Extended Cut

Phuong & Richard :: Same Day Edit

Is it terrible to say that we kind of love it when people cry? They're such raw moments of emotion that really capture the sentimental feel of the day to tug at your heartstrings. There were quite a few of those moments from Phuong and Richard's wedding especially during those touching interactions with their parents. It was definitely a day filled with love and [happy] tears.

Phuong & Richard :: The Extended Cut

Christine & Tommy :: Wedding Highlights

We traveled to the Bay area for Christine and Tommy's wedding at the TPC Stonebrae Country Club in Hayward, CA. Nestled atop the hills of Hayward, this venue offers breathtaking views of East Bay from up above. This was especially beautiful during the ceremony when those views were the backdrop behind Christine and Tommy as they said their vows to one another. Christine and Tommy are actually college friends of mine, and I felt so honored to be able to capture their big day for them. They've always made a great couple, and it's so awesome to see them begin the next chapter of their lives. Congrats again to two very wonderful people. I wish you both all the best!

Sally & Nobby :: Wedding Highlights

For Sally & Nobby's wedding, we got to venture north to Pasadena where their ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Altadena Town & Country Club. We're a big fan of outdoor venues and ones with great views, and this spot definitely delivers on both fronts. Since we were in Pasadena, there was no better choice than to do the bridal party portraits at Pasadena City Hall. Apparently we aren't the only ones who love how awesome Pasadena City Hall is for this purpose because we were one of maybe 10 other groups there that day at the same time. Even so, we have zero regrets as shooting there allowed us to get some really great shots with Sally & Nobby and their bridal party.

Eliza & Brian :: Same Day Edit

We got to return to the Hilton Waterfront in Huntington Beach for Eliza & Brian’s big day. The last time we were here we didn’t have the drone with us, but this time around we were able to grab some amazing shots from the air during that perfect golden hour light. Eliza & Brian are amazing together, and though our time with them was limited it’s easy to see how in love they are. Their chemistry is so natural and made for so many great shots that all made it into this same day edit. Congrats again, Eliza & Brian!

Michelle & Anthony :: Wedding Highlights

Eliza & Brian :: The Extended Cut

Alice & Randy :: Wedding Highlights

I remember there was one point during portraits where we asked Randy to do a more serious look, and he just couldn’t cooperate. He said that he couldn’t stop smiling. That’s definitely something he has in common with Alice as the two were non-stop smiles all day! It wasn’t forced smiles either that we made them put on but just really genuine, natural smiles and laughter that came about from how happy they were that day to be getting married. Congrats to Alice & Randy, who couldn’t look more happy in love.

Trinh & Philip :: Wedding Highlights

Trinh & Philip's big day was an intimate affair of less than 100 at the beautiful Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. The venue is nestled atop a hill set against a beautiful backdrop of vineyards and mountains with the ocean not too far away. It truly is one of the prettiest places we've shot at, and we're so glad we had the opportunity to be a part of this wedding.

Trinh & Philip :: The Extended Cut

Esther & Jimmy :: Wedding Highlights

We actually met Esther & Jimmy on the day of the wedding due to a last minute booking with them less than 48 hours before the day of. Even in our short time with them, we had a ton of fun being a part of their day. Esther & Jimmy make a wonderful couple, and we’re so happy they decided to bring us on to capture their day. Locations: SeaCliff Country Club Shooters: Travis Do, Jason Tien Le Gear: Sony A7RII, Panasonic GH4, Panasonic G7, DJI Ronin, DJI Phantom, Slider Edited in FCPX & Graded with Color Finale using Deluts

Kammie & Vincent :: Same Day Edit

It's easy to see the love that Kammie and Vincent have for each other. Particularly in the shot where he's serenading her at the reception, you see such pure expressions of personality and joy. Though they're up on stage in front of everybody at that point, they seem like they're just happy in love in their own little world. We're so happy for them that both of their long-waited dreams of marrying one another came true and wish them both all the best.

Christine & Henry :: Wedding Highlights

We shot Christine & Henry’s wedding at the Wyndham Anaheim Garden Grove in early May. We missed the chance to use this highlights song on a previous edit, but that’s okay because it worked out great for Christine & Henry’s film as it perfectly captures the cool, chill, and exciting vibes of the day. By the way, wow what a beautiful wedding this one was! A big shout out to all the vendors involved in making it a reality. It definitely was one of the nicest reception setups we’ve seen–full of elegance and glam.

Christine & Henry :: The Extended Cut

Mimi & Brandon :: Same Day Edit

We threw this same day edit together for Mimi & Brandon's wedding at Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa. It was pretty hard to choose the right words from their wedding to edit in to help guide this film. The priest read letters they had written to each other some months back, and they also recited their own personal vows to one another. Ultimately I found that their morning letters to one another served as a perfect introduction to the rest of the day.

Mimi & Brandon :: The Extended Cut

Michelle & Liem :: Wedding Highlights

The letters complete this highlights video I think. While everything else would have probably worked just fine without the letters, Michelle & Liem's personal words to one another add that extra touch that ties everything all together to really give you a glimpse into their wonderful love story.

Michelle & Liem :: The Extended Cut

JaeEun & Shawn :: Engagement Trailer

This fall, my brother, Shawn, will actually be getting married! While I won't be shooting the wedding due to other things I'll be doing that day, I did get a chance to put together this little engagement trailer for him and my future sister-in-law, JaeEun. This was a super fun edit to shoot and put together, especially since I don’t usually cut pre-wedding trailers. I also actually just recently picked up a drone (for those wonderful aerial shots that add that extra oomph to a video) and a gimbal (to help get those milky smooth handheld shots). It was awesome to be able to do a test run of sorts with the new gear and really play with great footage in the edit. Enjoy the trailer!

Kim & Chuong :: Wedding Highlights

It was our second time back at the Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills when we shot Kim & Chuong's wedding. It's a really wonderful location for a wedding especially for an outdoor ceremony like this one since it's set against a beautiful backdrop. I loved being able to cut to their vows for this wedding highlights. So simple, eloquent, and sweet (like them!)--the vows add that much more depth to the video. Congrats, Kim & Chuong!

Tianna & Danny :: Wedding Highlights

We kicked off 2016 with Tianna and Danny's wedding in early January. For a brief moment, it seemed like the rain was going to come out in full force during portraits (which has totally happened to us in the past), but luckily that moment passed and the session continued without a hitch. This highlights was a little harder to edit than normal since I don't usually edit to such high energy music throughout the whole video, but it was a lot of fun too to see how it came out. It also doesn't hurt that it's one of my favorite songs :p Congrats again, Tianna & Danny! Location: Mon Cheri (Orange County, CA) Shooters: Travis Do, Jason-Tien Le, Anna Giang Gear: Canon 5D Mark III, Panasonic GH4, Canon M3, Slider Edited in FCPX & Graded with Color Finale using Deluts

Kathy & Mike :: Wedding Highlights

We shot Kathy & Mike's wedding in mid December, and it was our last wedding of the year. We stayed local on this one shooting in spots such as Mile Square Park, where we were fortunate enough to time their portraits session perfectly for that golden hour light. The vows have got to be my favorite thing from this wedding. Both of Kathy and Mike's vows were so eloquent and full of emotion. Their caring words definitely added so much to the highlights.

Mary & Scott :: Same Day Edit

We had an action packed day shooting Mary & Scott's wedding and putting together this same day edit for them. It actually marked the first time shooting a traditional Lao wedding ceremony for us also, which was quite awesome to experience. I usually try to avoid looking at couple's reactions when they're viewing the same day edit while it's being played at the reception so I didn't learn until after the fact that apparently Mary and Scott were both tearing up throughout. I think one of the cool things about same day edits is how it allows couples to really just take a moment to take in the day and reflect on one of the best days of their lives as it's still happening because the wedding day really does pass you by in a heartbeat with all of the different things going on. It's always such a joy to see something as simple as a video be able to bring out such emotion for your client, and it really makes it all worth it. Congrats again to Mary & Scott!

Jennifer & Stewart :: Same Day Edit

We shot Jennifer & Stewart's big day this past Saturday and put together this little same day edit for them as well. They were a great couple to work with as well as the wedding party who were a lot of fun. I've actually known Jennifer since around middle school so it was cool to shoot the wedding of someone I know personally getting married (I'm finally hitting that age). Her and Stewart have been together have been together for quite some time, and you can really tell they have a special bond together, especially through their wonderful vows to one another. Congrats, guys, and cheers to many, many more years of happiness!

Jennifer & Stewart :: The Extended Cut

Marian & KC :: Wedding Highlights

We shot at Soka University for the very first time for Marian & KC's wedding in early November. And what a gorgeous location it is as you can probably tell from the portraits session. The students who go to school here are so lucky to have such a beautiful campus! I think my favorite part in this highlights has to be those little uncontrollable smiles that Marian and KC exchange during their vows. It's always a such a pleasure to be able to capture those little pure, genuine moments of joy. Congrats, Marian and KC!

Alyssa & Rogel :: Wedding Highlights

Alyssa told me that her and Rogel were simple people who really just wanted a nice, simple wedding celebrating with their closest friends and family. Sometimes simple really is the best. You can tell from their endless smiles all day that they had the time of their lives. Their wedding by the way was on a Sunday, yet when we wrapped up for the night, they were still going strong on the dance floor with their guests. One of the best things about shooting weddings is definitely seeing EVERYBODY just having a blast. Congrats again, Alyssa and Rogel!

Grace & William :: Wedding Highlights

Grace & William got married in mid September at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. If you've never been, it's a wonderful resort that is just across the street from the beach. This setting made for a marvelous location for the days events. Because of this beautiful backdrop as well as Grace & William's fun hearted relationship (goofing around and smiles all day), we got a bunch of great shots that worked splendidly for this wedding highlights. Congrats again to Will & Grace!

Grace & William :: The Extended Cut

Kelsey & Scott :: Wedding Highlights

Kelsey & Scott got married at the Casino San Clemente the last weekend of August this year. Despite the scorcher we had that day, it was smiles all around amongst all who attended. There were so many good bits of audio from the wedding--so many wonderful things that were said during the numerous speeches (and of course their beautiful vows) that it only made sense to use some key pieces to really help narrate and tell the story of Kelsey & Scott's day. It made it a lot of fun to shoot and edit this one. Congrats again, Kelsey & Scott!

Cecilia & Armando :: Wedding Highlights

Cecilia & Armando are two very selfless, caring people who devote much of their time to those around them and their communities. From the sheer amount of people who attended their church ceremony to the way their friends and family spoke about them throughout their wedding day, you can tell that they are much beloved as a couple and as individuals. We really love how Cecilia & Armando incorporated elements from both of their cultures into their wedding. Usually we see the phrase "today two families become one" at weddings, but it was extra special in this occasion to see two different cultures mash so beautifully together.

Lisa & Nimitz :: Same Day Edit

Lisa & Nimitz are just one of those couples that are undeniably cute together. It's hard to explain, but they have all these little interactions between one another that you can really see they're in their own little world. From what we heard, Nimitz was quite persistent in pursuing Lisa when they first got together, and it was well worth the effort because they're great together. It was our first time shooting at the Hilton Waterfront, and it was wonderful to have that be our office for the day. Nothing beats shooting at a beachside venue in Southern California with the sunset in the background. All of this natural ambiance made for a beautiful reception setting.

Lisa & Nimitz :: The Extended Cut

Tina & Kai :: Wedding Highlights

You might be surprised to read that Tina and Kai's wedding actually took place in the heart of summer in July. While the very unexpected Southern California rain did put a small damper on things just as the ceremony was wrapping up, the newlyweds handled the day like pros and the shooting carried on. Rain may be a bit fickle to shoot in, but it does provide for very saturated colors and crisp detail in shots, which you can see a lot of during the portraits session. We're glad to have to have been shooting such a chill couple on this day. I don't think most people would have been such troopers about things, and they rocked it. Congrats again, Tina and Kai!

Mercedes & Raphael :: Wedding Highlights

We shot Mercedes & Raphael's wedding the Saturday right after July 4th in Oxnard and Valencia, CA. It was a bit of a drive for us, but it's always great to able to check out new venues outside of Orange County. There were a lot of great moments throughout the day, and the song on this wedding really worked well with incorporating different audio tidbits from some of these moments. It's not something we do too often, but like I mentioned above it's good to get out of our comfort zone sometimes. Congrats again to Mercedes & Raphael!

Kelley & Alfred :: Wedding Highlights

Kelley & Alfred's June wedding took place at a beautiful winery in Temecula. The temperatures were a bit high for us but well worth it for the great location for the day's events. These two are one of those couples that just capture so well. Not only do they look great together, but they're so full of expression from the sentimental moments to those laugh out loud and ridiculous ones. You can just what a great day it is for them and how much fun they're having. Congrats again, Kelley & Alfred!

Kelley & Alfred :: The Extended Cut

Van & Ernesto :: Wedding Highlights

It was a blast editing this wedding highlights for Van & Ernesto. There was so much great footage to work from that it made the cutting process just beyond easy. Originally they asked me to just work with the first song in the video, but the reception was so full of energy that it only made sense to finish off the piece with an upbeat track to really capture that feeling. Hands down, this was one of the best weddings we've been to in terms of details. Left and right throughout the day and especially at the reception, we came across things that felt straight out of the best Pinterest posts. Everything worked so perfectly together, and it was really a treat to see it all executed so perfectly.

Van & Ernesto :: The Extended Cut

Maida & Phuong :: Same Day Edit

We caught another lucky break this past weekend as the rain finished and the skies cleared before Maida and Phuong's wedding on Saturday at the Avenue of the Arts Wyndham in Costa Mesa. Maida and Phuong looked wonderful and so in love. They could barely even read their cards to each other in the morning as they tried to hold back their tears. Maida picked out the song for the same day edit, and it couldn't have been a better choice. It captures the elegance and beautiful emotions of the day perfectly.

Maida & Phuong :: The Extended Cut

Linh & Tai :: Same Day Edit

It was a beautiful day for a wedding when we shot Linh & Tai's big day early May in Anaheim especially since the weather had been so hot in the days leading up to their wedding. Linh & Tai were engaged for several years before their big day finally came so it was definitely a wait for both--a dream finally realized when the day came around. They both looked great and so in love and happy to begin this new chapter together. Congrats again, you guys!

Linh & Tai :: The Extended Cut

Sharifah & Richard :: Same Day Edit

Sharifah & Richard's wedding took place on a beautifully clear Saturday at the start of spring along a cliff in Laguna Beach overlooking the water. There were many tender moments throughout the day, and it was beyond clear to see how in love these two are. The wedding party speeches had to have been our favorite part of the day. Not only did they integrate a surprise video, but touching, unplanned speeches put both the bride and groom to tears. It's raw moments like those that we always feel so privileged to be able to witness and capture.

Sharifah & Richard :: The Extended Cut

Mimi & Brandon :: Same Day Edit

Who knew such a beautifully rustic wedding location existed in the heart of downtown Long Beach? We shot Mimi and Brandon's wedding at The Loft On Pine, where both their ceremony and reception took place. There were many lovely textures and pieces of decor in the space that created for a simply magnificent wedding venue. We put together a same day edit for Mimi and Brandon. Although we were on a tighter schedule than usual on this one since a lot of things happened back to back, I'm happy to say we pulled through in putting together something that they really enjoyed watching at the end of the night. Congrats again, Mimi and Brandon, and thanks for having us as a part of your big day!

An & Tuan :: Same Day Edit

Our first same day edit of 2015 is with An & Tuan. They were great to work with, but we already knew that having shot them when they were part of a wedding party of a wedding we shot last year. My absolute favorite shot from this wedding is definitely the one with the sparklers because there's just this beautiful light and great excitement that you definitely see shine through. It was a little bit nerve-wracking running backwards while shooting with sparks going off all around you, but the shot was totally worth it. Congrats again, An & Tuan, and thanks for having us as a part of your big day!

An & Tuan :: The Extended Cut

Mary & Peter :: Wedding Highlights

Mary & Peter's wedding was our first official one of 2015, taking place at the end of January. I really loved the unique choice they had for their portraits location, a cute little spot in Huntington Beach called The Speakeasy. It made for some very different shots from what we usually shoot during portraits. The nighttime festivities took place at Mon Cheri in Garden Grove where the couple celebrated the night away, and some great singing performances by Mary's siblings and father even took place. Mary & Peter were both a pleasure to work with, and we're glad to have been able to shoot their big day. Congrats again, you two!