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Lovejoy & CJ :: Same Day Edit

Valerie & Eric :: Wedding Highlights

Melanie & Christopher :: Wedding Highlights

Hang & Dinh :: Wedding Highlights

Hang & Dinh :: The Extended Cut

Hanna & Brierley :: Wedding Highlights

Julie & Tony :: Wedding Highlights

Daisy & Rodney :: Wedding Highlights

Jenny & Vince :: Wedding Highlights

Garvy & Henry :: Wedding Highlights

Hanh & AC :: Wedding Highlights

Cindy & David :: Wedding Highlights

Cindy & David :: The Extended Cut

Mai & Chris :: Same Day Edit

Mai & Chris :: The Extended Cut

Carmen & Henry :: Wedding Highlights

Kaitlyn & Martin :: Wedding Highlights

Kaitlyn & Martin :: The Extended Cut

Melanie & Darrell :: Wedding Highlights

Michelle & Charlie :: Wedding Highlights

Jessica & Michael :: Wedding Highlights

Dao & Justin :: Wedding Highlights

Dao & Justin :: The Extended Cut

Nancy & Derek :: Wedding Highlights

Nancy & Derek :: The Extended Cut

Nancy & Michael :: Same Day Edit

Nancy & Michael :: The Extended Cut

Jacinta & James :: Wedding Highlights

Jacinta & James :: The Extended Cut

Yen & Andy :: Wedding Highlights

Thuy & Xavier :: Wedding Highlights

Jamie & Tony :: Wedding Highlights

Jamie & Tony :: The Extended Cut

Pamela & Kha :: Wedding Highlights

Suzanne & Tan :: Wedding Highlights

Tiffany & Sky :: Wedding Highlights

Tami & Kien :: The Extended Cut

Natalie & Eric :: Wedding Highlights

Natalie & Eric :: The Extended Cut

Angelina & Felix :: Wedding Highlights

Angelina & Felix had their fairytale wedding at the end of September in Northern California. From the storybook backdrop during the ceremony to their first dance set to Phil Collin’s “You’ll Be In My Heart” to their grand exit in a horse drawn carriage, every detail tied into the theme perfectly. As Angelina and Felix are close friends of my SO from college, I’ve had a chance to get to know them better than most of the couples I shoot. They’re such an amazing couple and really are perfect for one another. The wedding was a blast to attend as part videographer, part guest, and I’m so happy for the both of them. Congrats again, you two!

Jaime & Bradley :: Same Day Edit

We put together this same day edit for Jaime & Bradley's wedding over Labor Day Weekend. It was one of the of hotter days we've had in some time, but everybody had a great time regardless. From their morning tea ceremonies to their western ceremony and reception at The Grand in Long Beach, everything was just beautiful. We absolutely love how sweet Jaime & Brad's vows to each other were, and though it wasn't possible to incorporate all of their vows into the edit, we worked some of the best parts in to tell the story. Congrats again to this lovely couple!

Kim & Sam :: Wedding Highlights

We shot Kim & Sam's wedding at the Diamond Bar Center toward the end of August. They were such a sweet couple to work and just full of smiles all day from their prep in the morning to the hours of dancing at the end of the night. Per Kim & Sam's vision for their video, I went for less of a linear edit on this highlights. Rather than telling the story in a strictly chronological fashion, clips are intentionally out of order at points. This presents their wedding day as more of fragments similar to how bits of memories pop up in our own heads.

Mary & Alex :: Engagement Edit

This is a little engagement edit video we put together for Mary & Alex whose wedding we shot at the end of July. The weather wasn't super cooperative with us that day given that it was overcast on a June day in LA, but that didn't stop Mary & Alex from having a blast together. These pre-wedding type videos are a bit rare for us so it was really nice to shoot something like this to change it up from our normal wedding videos. They wanted something light-hearted and fun, and I think this video came out to be just that.

Mary & Alex :: Wedding Highlights

We shot a little engagement video for Mary & Alex a couple of months prior to the wedding so we already had a good idea of how playful and silly they are together as a couple. They definitely don't take themselves too seriously, and the goal for their highlights video was to reflect that light-hearted tone. Mary and Alex have tons of personality both on their own as well as together as a couple, which you can see by some of the sillier moments in both this highlights as well as their engagement edit. It's made working with them a ton of fun throughout this whole process. Congrats again, you two!

Kristen & Rich :: Wedding Highlights

It was a perfect summer day in Carpinteria, CA for Kristen & Rich's wedding. The event took place at the Rincon Beach Club set against a sunny backdrop with a gentle breeze from the nearby ocean. We didn't meet Kristen and Rich until that day since they're both from NorCal, but shooting them was such an easy day thanks to how easygoing and sweet they both are, something which you can definitely get a sense of from the touching vows they shared with one another as well the kind words spoken about them by their loved ones. Cutting in all the different wonderful things said by individuals always feels like putting together a puzzle. At first it's a little chaotic making it all fit, but once everything falls into place, these words add so much extra sentiment to the story being told. Congrats again to Kristen and Rich, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to carve out this story of your wedding day.

Kristen & Rich :: The Extended Cut

Helen & William :: 8 Kinds of Smiles

When you see Helen & William together, you get this feeling that that they've known each other for almost all of their lives. But in reality, they've only been together for a couple of years. It just goes to show how perfect they are for one another. I have to say that without a doubt, Helen and William had one of the best first dances we've seen to date. Choreographed by Helen herself, the dance was both amazing in sheer level of skill while still remaining true to the spirit of the first dance. Often times choreographed first dances run the risk of couples not looking like they're enjoying themselves because they're more focused on getting the moves right. You could see throughout though that Helen and William were having the time of their lives. And that's what the first dance is really about.

Cindy & Larry :: Wedding Highlights

Cindy & Larry are such a great and down to earth couple. We always say that we work with really awesome couples, and they are no different. From the sweet smiles they shared with each other throughout the day to the sweet nothings they shared via their letters in the morning, it's easy to tell just how much in love these two are. Their Lao ceremony (only our 2nd time shooting one of these!) and reception took place at The Villa. One of our favorite things about shooting here is that there's usually a sparkler exit possible due to the venue's outdoor walkway area. This always makes for such a beautiful shot to close out the highlights.

Christina & Alex :: Same Day Edit

Christina and Alex had their wedding at the beautiful Mt. Woodson Castle in Ramona, California just right outside of San Diego proper. It was a scorcher of a day, but that didn't stop their closest family and friends from coming out to celebrate their love. Christina and Alex are such a sweet couple and are absolutely perfect together. They're the kind of couple where you can just see in their expressions how happy they are to be with one another as well as to start this new journey together.

Christina & Alex :: The Extended Cut

Rachel & Brad :: Wedding Highlights

We shot Rachel & Brad's wedding at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills back in late June. It was an absolutely beautiful venue as you can imagine. With Rachel & Brad being from out of town, we didn't get to meet them in person until the day of, but from talking to them early on in booking, I knew they'd be a delight to work with, which definitely turned out to be the case. This was actually our first opportunity to shoot portraits on a rooftop in the city. Needless to say, the combination of the LA rooftop, sunset golden hour, and a gorgeous couple made for some amazing shots.

Linda & Peter :: Wedding Highlights

Linda & Peter met each other by chance at a wedding on the other side of the country. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And as Peter's best man says in the video, Peter followed Linda back to California, and their lives have been all the better for it. Sometimes you just need to follow your dream and let life take you where it will. And if you're every bit as lucky as Linda & Peter are, everything will work out just perfectly.

Linda & Peter :: The Extended Cut

Thuy & Jonathan :: Wedding Highlights

Timing really is everything. Thuy and Jonathan originally met in college at UCLA, but it wasn’t until a casual encounter during grad school on the east coast when they started to get to know each other more and begin their relationship. When we shot their wedding, we got to hear from so many different friends from all different phases of their lives how wonderful of people Thuy and Jonathan are, and how wonderful they are for each other. We were only able to spend the day with them, but we couldn’t agree more.

Mia & Andrew :: Wedding Highlights

As part of shooting weddings, it's always really interesting to be part in new cultures or religious traditions that may take place as of part of couples' big days. Mia & Andrew's wedding marked out first one at a temple. Mia (or My as I know her) is a friend I know from high school. While I only recently met Andrew through the wedding, it's easy to see how well they fit together. Together with their super adorable daughter, they make the perfect little family.

Mary & John :: The Extended Cut

Mary & John :: Same Day Edit

When Mary & John approached me with the song they wanted for this same day edit, I hesitated a little at first. The pacing differed quite a bit from the types of tracks we normally use for short films, but I thought it was a great take on the original song and was excited to make it work for their wedding. What resulted was a same day edit that still maintains our 8 Kinds of Smiles style at heart but also matched the fun and at times irregular evolution of the song. We always try to deliver unique pieces for each couple, and I think this video definitely fits that bill.

Christine & Anthony :: Wedding Highlights

I just love how this wedding highlights turned out. Between the speeches, Christine and Anthony's letters to each other, and overall energy and spirit of the day and everyone who was a part of it, everything pieced together just right.

Nancy & Edsel :: Same Day Edit

What was great about this wedding was just seeing how much fun everybody was having, especially Nancy and Edsel. Take a look at them during the grand entrance and first dance, and you can tell that they were just having the time of their lives.

Nancy & Paul :: Wedding Highlights

Nancy & Paul traveled all the way from Seattle to Orange County for their big day in February along with pretty much most of their friends and family. Being with all of them throughout the day, it was clear to see both how adored these two are by their loved ones as well as how much they adore each other. Nancy told me that initially when they first met, she did not like Paul at all. It was only after a random meeting in a restaurant some time after that they really started to hit it off. Really just goes to show that timing is everything. :)

Diana & Andrew :: Wedding Highlights

It was a perfect 70 degree day when Diana & Andrew had their wedding in mid January (thank you Southern California weather). Needless to say, it was the makings for a great day. From the morning tea ceremonies in Riverside and Hacienda Heights to the reception in Newport Beach (more so Costa Mesa) at night, everything was beautiful from start to finish. Diana & Andrew were so easygoing and great to work with, and we’re glad to have been able to shoot their wedding and put together this highlights for them. Congrats, you two!

Diana & Andrew :: The Extended Cut

Grace & Marc :: Wedding Highlights

Our first wedding of 2017 was at the beautiful La Venta Inn in Palos Verdes, CA. There was a bit of rainy weather leading up to the day, but Grace & Marc lucked out with beautiful clear skies as well as a perfect sunset during some of their portraits. Their wedding was an intimate affair filled with wonderful speeches, furry companions, glass breaking, and lots of dancing. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all, and congrats again, Grace & Marc!