8 Kinds of Smiles offers wedding videography services. We're based in Orange County & Los Angeles in Southern California and are also available for travel.

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Michelle & Jonathan :: Same Day Edit

We're so happy for Michelle & Jonathan to finally be able to have their wedding celebration. Originally scheduled for March 2020, they had to...


Tu My & Albert :: Wedding Highlights

Taking place in beautiful Costa Mesa, Tu My & Albert's wedding at Avenue of the Arts Hotel was a small and intimate affair that...

What We Do

8 Kinds of Smiles offers a variety of video services for your every need. Below is a sampling of our standard offerings, but we can accommodate custom requests as well. Please contact us for full package and pricing details or additional information.

This is the absolute essential and comes as part of our basic package. That’s because this type of edit is a personal favorite of ours. It’s easiest to think of the Wedding Highlights as a music video of your wedding. It’s creative. It’s artsy. It’s stylized in good taste. And it covers all the important parts of your special day within just minutes. That makes it perfect for sharing and viewing time and time again. (Avg. Length 3-5m)

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The Same Day Edit (SDE) is a unique option for those who want to offer something truly special to their guests. It is shot and edited the same day usually to be shown later on in the evening at the reception. Think of it as a highlights edit that you get to see right away. It’s a perfect way to re-live everything that happened that day while still revelling in the emotion and energy of it all. Note that for Same Day Edits, we do not provide the projector and/or screen and ask couples to set this up through their venue or tech vendor. This allows us to focus on producing the video rather than technical setup. (Avg. Length 3-5m)

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For those who are looking for something in greater detail, we offer the Extended Cut. This edit usually lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours long and elaborates upon everything throughout the wedding day including aspects ranging from speeches to dances and key moments. If you want to live your special day again in its entirety, the Extended Cut would get the job done. (Avg. Length 1h-2h)

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The Pre-Wedding Edit is a creative option unique to each couple. We work with each couple to craft a video that perfectly brings their ideas to life. For some it’s a way to capture and tell the story of how they met, and for others it’s an opportunity to do something fun and out of the box. Pre-wedding edits are finished before the wedding day so they can be shared with friends and family as part of the day’s festivities. (Avg. Length 3m-7m)

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