The Final Product

A variety of output options are available. Some come as standard parts of every package while others can be added on for an additional cost. Output options will have any videos that come as part of a selected package. Please contact us for additional information.
With every package, DVD disks come standard. DVDs are fully authored with motion menus and include any videos that are a part of your package. They all come with fully designed inserts, labels, and covers as well as shrink wrapping for a professionally finished product. Two copies come as part of each package, and additional copies can be purchased online at a low price.

Packages can be upgraded from DVD disks to Blu-ray disks or have Blu-ray disks added in addition to DVD disks in order to have both. Like DVDs, Blu-rays are fully authored and designed as well as shrink wrapped for a finished product. Two copies come as part of each upgrade or add-on, and additional copies can be added for an additional cost. Blu-rays without packaging are also available at a lower cost.

Each video gets hosted online in HD available to view for up to a year from the wedding date. Featurettes such as the Wedding Highlights, Same Day Edit, and Pre-Wedding Edit will usually have a blog write-up to accompany the video while the feature length Extended Cut can be viewed as part of the 8 Kinds of Smiles portfolio or on unique couple pages. Through online streaming, all videos are available for easy sharing by couples to their friends and families.

We supply digital file copies of any videos that come as part of your package in 4K resolution. This is especially useful for those who wish to have a file to convert to other formats and disk types from. Files are in .mp4 format encoded in H.264/AAC.

The Raw Footage option gives you access to everything we shoot. Raw audio/video clips are provided exactly as they are straight out of recorder/camera without any editing. You will receive the raw audio/video clips via either a hard drive you provide, or we can purchase one on your behalf as well. This option is standard if the Extended Cut is not part of your package.