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Cindy & David :: Wedding Highlights

Cindy & David’s story is definitely a case of when opposites attract. David is the crazy, loud goofball while Cindy is the quieter and more-mannered of the two. Together, they bring out the best in each other… Cindy toning down a bit of David’s crazy tendencies and David bringing her a little out of her shell. But don’t take my word for it. I’m sure the vows in their wedding highlights will do a better job of showing you. :)


Mai & Chris :: Same Day Edit

While we didn’t get to meet Mai & Chris until Saturday due to them living out of town in Texas, it was such a breeze being with them all day. They are both very easygoing and sweet, and it made our same day edit day that much smoother.


Carmen & Henry :: Wedding Highlights

Although we’ve shot at the Christ Cathedral many times in the past for portraits or the occasional church ceremony, Carmen & Henry’s wedding actually marked the first time we shot an outdoor ceremony and reception in their events area at the Cathedral Cultural Center. We’ve definitely been missing out as it’s a gorgeous space by day and night and made for some beautiful backdrops throughout the day especially during our sunset session with Carmen & Henry.