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Garvy & Henry :: Wedding Highlights

You can easily tell that in their relationship Henry is the more mild mannered one while Garvy is the energetic life the of the party. Together they balance each other out as all the best relationships do.


Hanh & AC :: Wedding Highlights

If you can find someone who looks at you the way Hanh & AC (Cris) look at each other, then definitely don’t let them go. As Hanh’s maid of honor mentions, it’s amazing when you can find someone who balances you in all the right ways, and that’s exactly what Hanh & Cris do for each other.


Cindy & David :: Wedding Highlights

Cindy & David’s story is definitely a case of when opposites attract. David is the crazy, loud goofball while Cindy is the quieter and more-mannered of the two. Together, they bring out the best in each other… Cindy toning down a bit of David’s crazy tendencies and David bringing her a little out of her shell. But don’t take my word for it. I’m sure the vows in their wedding highlights will do a better job of showing you. :)