Vina & Scott :: Wedding Highlights

Since Vina and Scott live and work in Chicago, we actually didn’t get to meet them until their wedding day in Las Vegas, Nevada. Up until that point, all our communication took place either online, on the phone, or through snail mail. When we did finally meet them though, not only were Vina and Scott extremely nice and a pleasure to work with, their families and friends were amazing to us as well!

The whole ordeal was great fun what with it taking place in Las Vegas and all but also just because of the energy in that room. A personal favorite moment was when Vina’s father gave an arguably sober speech and had the room up roaring in laughter. It was a wonderful crowd to be a part of.

We only had a short time to shoot some footage of just Scott and Vina prior to the start of the reception, but during that time it was very easy to see how much in love they are through the little ways in which they interact with each other. We’re so glad to have been a part of their wedding and wish them both all the very best in their new life together! :D