Welcome to 8 Kinds of Smiles!

Welcome to 8 Kinds of Smiles! The website is officially up and ready for the world! This website has definitely been a long time coming, but I’m really glad with how it all turned out. The idea for the past 8 months now was to create something that was eye-catching yet simple and to the point in terms of design as well as truly functional for both general visitors as well as potential and actual clients.

Please definitely enjoy a perusal through the website, and also be sure to Like 8 Kinds of Smiles on Facebook to keep in touch with everything that we’re up to! Everything is fairly straight forward to navigate, but here are a few features I think are especially cool:

  • Clicking on the carousel images on the home page will load the Wedding Highlights in a lightbox for each respective wedding.
  • Portfolio pages for each wedding feature available videos as well as the DVD artwork.
  • Client pages are fully password protected and give access to proofs, videos, additional DVD purchase options, etc… basically everything a client needs!
  • Contact, Facebook, and Vimeo links are easily accessible in the sidebar on just about every page and also keep the same visual aesthetic from the earlier 8KS holder page.
  • Facebook is heavily integrated including in the commenting system, which is done using your Facebook profile.

I’ll let you explore the rest on your own. There should also be some minor additions and potential bug fixes to come in the next few weeks and months as the site begins to flush out.

In closing, I just wanted to say it’s really amazing for me to be at this point with 8 Kinds of Smiles. Eight months ago, 8KS was nothing more than just a simple thought in my head, and now it’s this living, breathing thing that you can see and that people are talking about. It’s rather quite wonderful, and truly thank you to everybody who have offered their support along the way including friends, family, and clients. You all are amazing!

Oh, and btw! Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Hope you all had a great one! :D