Thuy & David :: Same Day Edit

The first thing you may notice about Thuy and David is the big height difference between the two. But alas that’s not the most interesting fact about them. That title belongs to the fact that the two have actually been together since around middle school. As someone who can’t even say I know of any high school sweethearts from my group of friends, that’s a pretty awesome feat.

Thuy & David :: 8 Kinds of Smiles

From spending the day with them though it’s pretty easy to see how they’ve managed to stay together for so long. It’s just natural to them, and the spark between them feels like they’re just two kids who’ve recently met one another.

This was our first wedding and same day edit of the summer, and it was a lot of fun to be able to kick off the season with Thuy and David. We sincerely wish you both many more years of happiness and joy in your new marriage!