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Clarissa & Brian :: Wedding Highlights

When Clarissa and Brian mentioned how they talked on AIM at the start of their relationship, we knew they had been through some times together already. It’s rare to see such lifelong relationships like these heading into marriage these days, and it’s a true testament to how connected they are to one another to have already known and been with each other for almost their whole lives.


Michelle & Kiet :: Wedding Highlights

Throughout their wedding day, Michelle & Kiet kept telling us how awkward and weird they are, especially when being photographed. But honestly, we loved it, because that’s what gives them so much personality as a couple. It’s those little quirks that really emphasize just how comfortable and totally in love they are with one another.


Sophie & Tin :: Wedding Highlights

A fun fact we learned is that Sophie & Tin are both civil engineers who met at their work. The Jeffrey Open Space Trail in Irvine (a popular spot for photos) is actually one of the projects that Tin directly worked on through their firm. Learning that, it was really nice to see that they could make it a part of their big day.


Esther & Tommy :: Wedding Highlights

As Esther & Tommy told us, the lighthouse in Ranchos Palos Verdes holds special meaning for the two of them as it was where they began their journey together so it was really fitting to be able to capture them in that same spot as they begin this new chapter together.