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Lynn & Derek :: Wedding Highlights

Derek may not believe in the concept of soulmates, but he and Lynn are both so lucky to have met each other in life. As Lynn’s maid of honor remarks on him bagging Lynn: he did it!


Nhu & Frank :: Wedding Highlights

Each culture has their own traditions for wedding days, and it was wonderful to see Nhu & Frank incorporate elements of each of theirs into their celebration. They’re such a sweet couple, and it was a joy to capture the love they have for each other as well as for their close friends and family.


Elizabeth & Vinhson :: Wedding Highlights

As Vinhson’s best man mentioned in his speech, Elizabeth & Vinhson work so well together because they’re able to match each other’s personalities perfectly. From their assertive natures to their fun-hearted and jokester selves, they’re able to be on the same level so to speak.


Kim & John :: Wedding Highlights

Major props to Kim & John–they managed to close on a house all in the middle of wedding planning. And not only that, they finished enough work on it in time to use the wonderfully lit space for morning prep shots and first look. We love shooting in spaces with great light and minimal clutter, and this was exactly that.

Location aside, it was a pleasure to work with Kim & John. They were both great to work with, and we had a blast working alongside other friendors. Congrats again, you two!