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Julia & Elwin :: Wedding Highlights

Julia & Elwin’s wedding atop a hill at Orange Hill Restaurant gave breathtaking views overlooking Orange County as they danced the night away. It was a beautiful backdrop for their big day as the sun set behind them.


Kara & Brandon :: Wedding Highlights

Kara & Brandon held their summer wedding at the beautiful Five Crowns Restaurant in Corona Del Mar. It’s such a beautiful space, and the ambiance was perfect as the summer sun slowly set over the course of the evening.


Julie & Jack :: Wedding Highlights

Though Julie & Jack are only just getting officially married, as their officiant said, it’s like they’ve been married for a long time already. Their bond goes way back, and they’ve been through so much together. We’re so happy to see them finally celebrate their big day with each other.


Elizabeth & Vinhson :: Wedding Highlights

As Vinhson’s best man mentioned in his speech, Elizabeth & Vinhson work so well together because they’re able to match each other’s personalities perfectly. From their assertive natures to their fun-hearted and jokester selves, they’re able to be on the same level so to speak.