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Vi & Bryan :: Wedding Highlights

What started as a rainy day in Southern California saw the clouds part for the sun to come out for Vi & Bryan’s wedding celebration. If that’s not a sign of sunny days ahead, we don’t know what is.


Anh & Justin :: Wedding Highlights

We kicked off 2024 with Anh & Justin’s wedding at the beautiful Summit House in Fullerton, CA. With gorgeous hilltop views, this was a perfect place to celebrate their big day.


Stephanie & Tommy :: Wedding Highlights

For Tommy, his wedding day was just another ordinary day like any other day because every ordinary day has been that much better since he met Stephanie. But what a beautiful day it was.


Lynn & Derek :: Wedding Highlights

Derek may not believe in the concept of soulmates, but he and Lynn are both so lucky to have met each other in life. As Lynn’s maid of honor remarks on him bagging Lynn: he did it!