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Katrina & Martin :: Wedding Highlights

Katrina & Martin both come from large families and support networks of friends, and their communities definitely showed up to celebrate with them on their wedding day.


Michelle & Jonathan :: Same Day Edit

We’re so happy for Michelle & Jonathan to finally be able to have their wedding celebration. Originally scheduled for March 2020, they had to reschedule twice before finally tying the knot this past weekend. It may have taken some time to get here, but it was well worth the wait!


Elizabeth & Vinhson :: Wedding Highlights

As Vinhson’s best man mentioned in his speech, Elizabeth & Vinhson work so well together because they’re able to match each other’s personalities perfectly. From their assertive natures to their fun-hearted and jokester selves, they’re able to be on the same level so to speak.


Lily & Hoai :: Wedding Highlights

Lily & Hoai are our officially last wedding of the summer, and they were a great way to wrap the summer for us. What we really enjoyed from their wedding was how playful they are with one another. We noticed this especially during the open dancing. They just had a blast with one another, and you could really tell that they were in their own world… dancing like nobody was watching.