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Daisy & Rodney :: Wedding Highlights

Walnut Grove made for such a beautiful outdoor space for Daisy & Rodney’s wedding. It was the perfect setting for a late summer event down to the rustic details and string lights.


Julie & Tony :: Wedding Highlights

Having known Tony from high school, it’s great to see such a great guy end up with an equally awesome girl. They were just full of laughs the whole wedding day (in those distinctive laughs of theirs), and it’s easy to see how well they match one another.


Hang & Dinh :: Wedding Highlights

The amount of fun that Hang & Dinh have during their grand entrance and first dance really should be relationship goals for anybody out there. You can tell they’re just having a blast dancing without a care in the world, and that happiness you see really is an indicator of how truly in the love the two of them are. Congrats, you two!