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Annie & Lu :: Wedding Highlights

There was a point when we were shooting sunset portraits with Annie & Lu where he just kept telling her how beautiful she looked. We didn’t tell him to do that for a shot, it wasn’t a first look, and a large chunk of the day had already passed. He said it because he was still awestruck by his now wife. Genuine moments like that are one of the things we love most about weddings, and this is easily one of the clear moments from the day that stand out to us. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


Andrea & Alex :: Wedding Highlights

As Andrea’s father said in his speech, this truly was the wedding of not only the century, but the millennium. Andrea and Alex celebrated their love surrounded by so much love. You could get a sense of the joy of the day by all the happiness from everybody in attendance early on in the ceremony, but it became evidently clear during the speeches. As Andrea’s bridesmaid (and roommate to both Andrea and Alex) said in her speech, it’s truly rare for such amazing people to exist and even rarer and more amazing for these two people to find each other.


Isabel & Anthony :: Wedding Highlights

Life has a way of bringing people together when they least expect. For Isabel & Anthony, that was in PA school, where they cultivated a friendship that became a relationship and now a marriage. Happy to have been a part of their summer wedding at the wonderfully charming Colony House in Anaheim.


Vy & David :: Wedding Highlights

These days, it’s hard enough to find high school sweethearts yet Vy & David go back even farther than that. Having known each other since childhood, they’ve really been through so much together both as friends and as a couple. Because of this, it was so fitting that both of their vows ended with “I love you, and I like you” — just perfect.