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Nancy & Khoi :: Wedding Highlights

Nancy & Khoi’s wedding has definitely been a long time coming not only in terms of their relationship but also because of the 2 year COVID delay. It was well worth the wait though, and we’re so glad to be able to see these two finally tie the knot.


Kim & Jach :: Wedding Highlights

Kim & Jach are one of our many couples who had to postpone their event last year due to the pandemic, but the day finally came for them last month. I can say it was worth waiting for as you could just see how happy everybody was to be celebrating them for their wedding. It […]


Dao & Justin :: Wedding Highlights

Justin’s not the kind of the guy who you can just force a smile on queue. His smiles come out when he’s enjoying those little moments with Dao–like when they’re sharing their first dance together or when they’re doing something ridiculous with their bridal party. It’s those moments where you really see the connection between […]