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Jennifer & Luan :: Wedding Highlights

Jennifer and Luan are definitely two peas in a pod. What is immediately noticeable about them is how much more comfortable they get when they’re in each others presence. Throughout their wedding day, you’d see them each crack little smiles at different points because of a moment they had just shared, and each of these […]


Joan & Jim :: Wedding Highlights

Simply put, Joan and Jim know how to have a good time. It’s wonderful how they both balance each others personalities out so well. While Joan becomes the life of the party with her outgoing persona, Jim is the calm and cool one right there beside her all the while.


Jessica & Jackson :: Wedding Highlights

In his early twenties, Jackson moved from Texas all the way to Portland, Oregon to be with Jessica. I’m not sure about you, but for a guy fresh out of college to do that… well that’s love right there. And they’ve been together ever since.