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Pamela & Tony :: Wedding Highlights

Who would have thought that a Vietnamese family walking into a Honda dealership to buy an Accord would lead to the wonderful love story that is Pam & Tony’s relationship. Tony sold her that car, and the rest is history. That’s such a unique story of how they met, and we absolutely love it.


Julie & Jack :: Wedding Highlights

Though Julie & Jack are only just getting officially married, as their officiant said, it’s like they’ve been married for a long time already. Their bond goes way back, and they’ve been through so much together. We’re so happy to see them finally celebrate their big day with each other.


Julie & Tam :: Wedding Highlights

Julie & Tam wanted first and foremost to just have a great time on their wedding day, and a party it was indeed. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the details that make up the day, but it’s important to remember that it’s really about celebrating with your closest friends and family. We’re so happy for the two of them to finally have that day.


Michelle & Kiet :: Wedding Highlights

Throughout their wedding day, Michelle & Kiet kept telling us how awkward and weird they are, especially when being photographed. But honestly, we loved it, because that’s what gives them so much personality as a couple. It’s those little quirks that really emphasize just how comfortable and totally in love they are with one another.