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Pamela & Tony :: Wedding Highlights

Who would have thought that a Vietnamese family walking into a Honda dealership to buy an Accord would lead to the wonderful love story that is Pam & Tony’s relationship. Tony sold her that car, and the rest is history. That’s such a unique story of how they met, and we absolutely love it.


Susan & Luís :: Wedding Highlights

It’s been 9 months since we last saw Susan & Luís for day 1 of their wedding celebration, and things have definitely changed since then! As you can see in the highlights video, they are now expecting a *SPOILER ALERT* baby boy. This was the first time we’ve shot both a wedding and gender reveal all in one, and the excitement definitely could not be contained. Congrats again to Susan & Luís and their new family together!


Cecilia & Minh :: Wedding Highlights

I’m very happy that Cecilia & Minh were able to make it all work out, and the day turned out lovely. They were a delight to work with from start to end. Though this highlights currently just features essentially half of their wedding, we’re looking forward to seeing them again next year at their reception, after which we’ll be able to put the finishing touches to complete their film. Congrats again to Cecilia & Minh.