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Pamela & Kha :: Wedding Highlights

Pamela & Kha are easily one of the nicest, most chill couples we’ve worked with this year. Having shot some of their friends’ weddings in the past, I knew the day would be crazy, fun, and just an all around nonstop party. Pamela & Kha picked out the songs for their wedding highlights, which they […]


Suzanne & Tan :: Wedding Highlights

Suzanne’s blunt, sarcastic sense of humor, and Tan’s easygoing and charismatic demeanor made them such a joy to work with. And their vows were just the perfect blend of sentimental and reflective. I only included some of the vows in the highlights, but even those words give you a sense into their rich relationship. How […]


Natalie & Eric :: Wedding Highlights

We had a blast shooting Natalie and Eric’s wedding toward the end of September. They’re a very sweet and chill couple–two pharmacists who met while in school together. My favorite moments from this highlights have to be the way they look at each with such affection as they recite their vows during church. If that’s […]