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Katie & Kyle :: Wedding Highlights

For their wedding, Katie & Kyle brought Hawaii vibes to the Huntington Bay Club in Huntington Beach. Both of them have Hawaii connections, and it was beautiful to see how well those elements and aesthetic were incorporated into their wedding day.


Clarissa & Brian :: Wedding Highlights

When Clarissa and Brian mentioned how they talked on AIM at the start of their relationship, we knew they had been through some times together already. It’s rare to see such lifelong relationships like these heading into marriage these days, and it’s a true testament to how connected they are to one another to have already known and been with each other for almost their whole lives.


Amanda & Joseph :: Wedding Highlights

Amanda is definitely one of the sweetest girls you’ll meet while Joe is that guy that instantly becomes everybody’s best friend. It should be no surprise then that they make a perfect pairing and that their wedding was full of moments both funny and awesome. Weddings should be a celebration, not a performance, and Amanda & Joe’s wedding definitely lived up to that.


Hanh & AC :: Wedding Highlights

If you can find someone who looks at you the way Hanh & AC (Cris) look at each other, then definitely don’t let them go. As Hanh’s maid of honor mentions, it’s amazing when you can find someone who balances you in all the right ways, and that’s exactly what Hanh & Cris do for each other.