Archive Jan. 2014


Adrianna & Lawrence :: Wedding Highlights

Adrianna and Lawrence were so much fun to work with. Both of them have this really amazing, easygoing energy about them that was great to be around. Their wedding was also just beautiful. Inspired by earlier decades of the 20th century, their reception had a wonderful vintage look and feel to it. For our part, […]


Diana & Hoang :: Wedding Highlights

Both avid gamers, Diana and Hoang actually met through their shared interest in gaming. We can safely say that this is one of the more unique “how they met” stories we’ve come across so it was pretty cool to hear that. They were both a little shy in front of the camera to start, but […]


Kimly & Ben :: Wedding Highlights

Kimly & Ben balance each other very well. She’s the spunky, talkative one while Ben is quieter and more reserved. Together they create one very adorable couple that just fits perfectly together. We also loved the wine red color scheme of their wedding. The deep color tone went hand in hand with the fall season […]