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Sky & Doug :: Wedding Highlights

We started our 2020 wedding year with Sky & Doug who were both an absolute delight to work with. As vloggers in their own life, they were both extremely comfortable on camera and just in their element. We basically just told them to interact with one another and they did the rest.


Hannah & Vincent :: Same Day Edit

What stuck out to me about Hannah & Vincent’s vows was how they both mentioned their loyalty and devotion to one another. And that’s really what vows are about–having the devotion to commit to one another physically and emotionally. Hannah also said it beautifully when she stated that Vincent is the “million dreams of a little girl come true.” What a poetic way to summarize up their love.


Tiffany & Sky :: Wedding Highlights

Tiffany & Sky’s fall wedding at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Paracel Seafood Restaurant was a wonderful celebration. They’re both so full of passion and love for one another, and it was a pleasure to capture their big day. Our favorite moment from the wedding was when Tiffany & Sky invited other couples to the […]


Helen & William :: Same Day Edit

When you see Helen & William together, you get this feeling that that they’ve known each other for almost all of their lives. But in reality, they’ve only been together for a couple of years. It just goes to show how perfect they are for one another. I have to say that without a doubt, […]